Veggie guide – Prague

Veggie Travel Guide

Prague is vegetarian and vegan heaven. Streets are full of healthy stores, vegan coffee shops and restaurants (and cheap beers). There is no place like Prague!

Estrella – vegetarian

Estrella is a vegetarian restaurant with family atmosphere. The food was beautifully presented and absolutely delicious. Good choice of wine&beer and you can try local alcohol. The service was very proffesional and friendly. We met one of the owners the next day and he still remebered us.


Address: Opatovicka 17, Prague 1

Opening hours: Mon – Sun 11.30-22.30

Prices: £1.5 – £6 (Kč57 – Kč197


LoVeg – vegan&raw

Guacamole Pizza on Cracers

This place is located near the Prague Castle called Hradčany. They have big choice of vegan dishes and all meals are freshly made. I tried here the courgette spaghetti for the first time and I fell in love. Do not miss their desserts!

I haven’t got too many pictures from LoVeg – it was so tasty that I forgot to use a camera 🙂

Address: Nerudova 36

Opening hours: Mon-Sun 11.30- 21.30

Prices: £1 – £17(for bottle of wine) (Kč30 – Kč600)


MyRaw Cafe – raw


Best place for desserts in Prague. BEST RAW CAKES I HAVE EVER TRIED. You can’t beat the food and the healthy value. The staff was very helpful and friendly, helped us with the menu and recommended best meals. Apart from desserts they serve raw food and healthy drinks too.

Address: Dlouha 39

Opening hours: Mon- Fri 9.00-22.00. Sat 11.00-21.00, Sun 11.00-18.00

Prices: up to £5 (up to Kč165)

Moment – vegan 

We’ve been there several times during our stay in Prague. Honestly, this is the best place ever – great atmosphere, amazing food, beer and coffee. Something you must try is Vegan Robi Burger – Robi is a Czech vegan meat product made out of cereal grains. They also serve delicious breakfast includnig vegan version of full english breakfast.

Address: Slezska 62, Prague 2

Opening hours: Mon – Fri 9.00-21 Sat-Sun 11.00-17.00

Prices: up to  £5 (up to Kč120)

Puro – vegan&raw

It is a vegan bistro and shop with vegan and healthy products. They serve everything from salads and hot food to ice creams and cakes. You can also buy wraps and sandwiches to take away. Worth visiting.


Address: Vinohradská 2030/44

Opening hours: Mon 11.00-19.00, Tue-Fri 9.00-19.00

Prices: up to  £5 (up to Kč120)


Loving Hut – vegan

It is a vegan McDonalds-like restaurant especially know for serving lunches. Located in several places around Prague. The food wasn’t the best but it is ok if there is nothing else around. They have good motto to spread the vegan idea in everyday life so it is worth mentioning.

Address: Na Poříčí 25

Opening hours: Mon-Sun 11.00-21.00

Prices: inexpensive, by weight



Veggie guide – Wroclaw

Veggie Travel Guide

If you  want to visit place full of life and culture –  Wroclaw is for you. It’s perfect for a weekend break – one of the most beautiful cities in Poland. Located upon the Odra river is an amazing mosaic of islands and bridges. This is why Wrocław has gained the title of the ‘Venice of Poland’.

My aim was to explore vegan and vegetarian restaurants and I am not dissapointed. Unfortunately I had no enough time and space in my stomach to visit all of them.

Below you can find the list with the places I visited and can highly recommend:

Złe Mięso (The Bad Meat) – vegetarian&vegan

bad meat

zle mieso7-horz


The menu of Złe Mięso includes the burgers, pizzas, wraps, falafel and the speciality of the week. Everyone will find something suitable – they offer almost 30 vegan and vegetarian dishes. All of them are freshly made without any artificial ingredients.

Good news for vegans – you can find there pizza with vegan cheese. The ‘cheese’ is made from vegetable fats and after heating it becomes gooey like a real cheese – maybe a little bit too gooey but it is very delicious!  The winner of the day was the ‘duck’ in plum and vine sauce with rice and salad! Delicious!

Address: 19 Ofiar Oswiecimskich Street

Opening hours: Mon – Sat  12.00-21.00,  Sun 13.00-20.00

Prices: £1.5 – £5 (5-25 zloty)


Machina Organika – vegan&raw

machina organika 9



Machina Organika serves healthy breakfasts, soups, salads, sandwiches, lasagna, pasta, smoothies  and more. It was first place in Wroclaw with raw food. Most of the dishes are also gluten free so if you eat healthy and avoid gluten or have the coeliac disease  this place is perfect for you. Their motto is: Eat clean. Eat healthy.

Every day they have different special lunch meals and amazing desserts. Don’t leave this place without tasting their delicious vegan and raw cakes.

Address: 19 Ruska Street

Opening hours: Mon – Thu 10.00-22.00, Fri 10.00-23.00, Sat 12.00-23.00, Sun 13.00-21.00

Prices: £2 – £7 (10-35 zloty)


Vega – vegan



Vega was first vegetarian restaurant in Poland but now the food is vegan only. The most popular dishes there are burgers, seitan cutlets and soups. On the menu you can find veganised traditional polish and oriental meals. They have a few flavours of vegan ice creams – avocado with lime,  oreo cookie, chocolate, banana and strawberry. If you have a sweet tooth you should try their cakes.

If you want to try polish cuisine in veggie version you can’t miss this place. They not only serve food but also organize vegan meetings and cooking classes.

Address: Sukiennice 1/2 Street

Opening hours: Sun-Thu 8.00-19.00, Fri 8.00-21.00 Sat 9.00-21.00

Prices: £0.5 – £5 (4-25 zloty)

Najadacze – vegan

Najadacze serves oriental food from all over the world at very good prices . The ingredients are bought from local food producers and the restaurant supports Fair Trade rules. The food is really good and delicious. Unfortunatelly the place is very small and during lunch time there might not be no space for everyone but do not worry – they also deliver food.

Address: Nozownicza 40 Street

Opening hours: Mon – Thu 11.00-20.00, Fri 11.00-21.00, Sat 12.00-21.00 Sun 13.00-20.00

Prices: £1.5-£5 (6.5-25 zloty)