Gingerbread spice mix


Christmas is coming soon! (even if the weather outside isn’t christmassy). It’s time to bake some gingerbread goodies. They taste like heaven but only when you use your own mixed spices. Ready mixes usully contain a lot of sugar and some nasty stuff  so it is better to stay away from it and spend few minutes in the kitchen yourself.

What you need: high power blender or mortar and pestle, container for your spices

Gingerbread spice mix:

3-5 cinnamon sticks (the amount depends on how much you like your cinnamon)

1 whole nutmeg

10g  ground ginger

10g  whole cloves

5g seeds of star anise

5g green cardamon seeds

5g allspice berries

2-3 black peppercorn

Put all the the ingredients in the blender and blend for 1 minut at the highest speed till your mix looks like powder. If you use kitchen mortar,  grind the ingredients seperately and mix them together when you finish. It’s better to process the spices in batches. Make sure they grind very finely – you don’t want any hard pieces in your cookies.


  • You can use the gingerbread mix  to add some flavour in your coffee, evening hot chocolate or in your porridge!  Enjoy!
  • Decorate the mix spice container and give it to your friend as an early christmas gift

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