coconut whipped cream

vegan, vegetarian

Coconut whipped cream. Have you ever heard about it? It is a vegan version of standard whipped cream. Crazy vegans will find substitute for everything! God bless them – usually their recipes are healthier too.

Making vegan whipped cream is easy but you need right products. Prepare:

1 can of full fat coconut milk

3 tsp of brown sugar

1/4 tsp of vanilla extract or 1 vanilla pod

  1. Few things you need to remember about can of coconut milk. It has to be full fat milk because you want to have solid consistency. Light coconut cream will not work. Plus look for coconut milk without guar gum. It makes cream and water emulsify – belive me, this is not what you are looking for. Not all the brands are good to buy. Unfortunatelly you will see soon. When you find your favourite brand stick to it.
  2. Keep your can of coconut milk in the fridge overnight. It will help separate the cream and water. Take it out from the fridge next day and flip the can upside down. Water settles down on the bottom of the can so it is easier to get rid of it when you fllip the can upside down.
  3. Pour the water to the seperate container and keep it in the fridge. Use it  later in your poriddge, chia desserts or pancakes.
  4. Take the solid part out and put in the bowl. Use a hand mixer and whip it until smooth.
  5. Add the sugar and vanilla extract and whip it again. You can use icing sugar or maple/agava syrup instead. It is completely up tou you and your taste buds  🙂
  6. Enjoy!

Serve your coconut whipped cream in the desserts, cakes, chia desserts, smoothies or pancakes. Keep it in the fridge until ready to serve.

Easy, isn’t it?