Chocolate and salted date caramel slices

Monday treat

It is always hard to wake up early after busy or even lazy weekend and get yourself together to work. That is for a fact. I will try to change your mind-set and against all the rules start a week with positive vibrations!

First recipe of my Monday’s series is very easy and will beat the Monday Blues. You can prepare your snack in advance and freeze it until you are ready to eat it.

Let’s celebrate Monday!

vegan chococlate carael slices

Chocolate and salted date caramel slices

What you need?

8inch tin (I used square tin), lined with parchment paper


200g vegan biscuits – I used digestive oaties

50g coconut oil

Salted date caramel layer:

250g unpitted medjool dates

100g water

100g your favourite nuts, chopped

(70g for your filling and 30g to sprinkle on the top of your cake)

pinch of salt

Chocolate layer:

150g melted chocolate

  1. Crush biscuits in the bowl and mix with melted coconut oil. Spread the biscuit mixture in your tin. Place the tin in the freezer until your second layer is ready.
  2. Blend the unpitted dates with water to make sticky date sauce. Add some salt to taste.
  3. Take the tin from the freezer and sprinkle the nuts over the biscuit layer and spread the salted date sauce over the top.
  4. Melt the chocolate using a water bath and spread it over the top. Sprinkle with the remaining nuts.
  5. Keep in the freezer until the cake is firm
  6. Slice your cake and enjoy!


  • For best result keep in the fridge
  • Freezer friendly recipe. Keep it for later.